Make it Sewcial... pretty storage tins April 28 2014

Hey lovelies!

Now if you're a regular follower of my Make it Sewcial tutorials you will know that I like to keep things nice and easy so that everyone and anyone who fancies getting their crafty shizz on can join in. This weeks is no exception, its probably my quickest make ever, seriously, you could make these pretty storage tins in absolutely no time at all (5 minutes tops if you timed yourself!) 



I reckon if you popped the kettle on, emptied your last spoon of coffee into your favourite mug, gave the tin a quick swill (you'll be needing it in a minute) and followed my simple instructions you could probably be decanting your lovely button collection into a pretty new tin just as quickly as it would take you to stir your milk and sugar into your decaf!

Lets do it. On your marks. Get ready. Go... 



1) materials - you will need some pretty paper and some tins (old coffee tins are perfect) if you're not a coffee drinker then use an alternative. I've covered treacle tins, little empty baking powder tubs, the lot, whatever containers you've got stashed away in the cupboard or recycling bin, nows the time to fish 'em out and pretty 'em up! You will also need a pritt stick and a ruler or tape measure. 

2) this rather delicious brand of coffee comes in two sizes, even better for a bit of variety (and no they are not sponsoring this post, wish they were, Mr C would be a very happy bunny indeed, he buys tons of the stuff!) anyway, enough chatting, the timers ticking

3) quickly measure the length and width of the tin - I add an 1cm extra to the width, to overlap the paper at the back

4) cut some pretty paper to cover your tin 



5) apply glue all the way around the edges of the paper and stick the paper to your tin. And thats it. Boom. Stop the clock. We are finished. Think I may have exaggerated slightly there, that took all of 3 minutes right?

6) 5 minutes gives you enough time to make two tins

7) these pretty storage tins make the perfect storage for washi tapes

8) and buttons

* top tip - if that was just too easy for you and you've got heaps of time to kill, you could always spray paint the lids, or add some pretty ribbon around your tins or you could make millions of them to stash away all the little itty bits and bobs that you can never ever find a home for! 



Whatever you choose to do with them you must admit they are a pretty nifty way of recycling those old tins while making some pretty useful storage for your craft room, playroom or bedroom too. Sometimes the easiest makes that take the least amount of effort are just the best aren't they? 

Happy making sweeties

big love

Allison x x x