a colourful adventure... Part 1 April 23 2014

You know how much I adore colour right? just take a look at this... I love colour a lot!



Well on Wednesday of last week I went on a very colourful adventure to a very 'colourful' book launch party in London, I'll be telling you more about this very soon, but first a little bit of background stuff leading up to my trip. 

Right up there at the top of my 'to do list' was a pretty new dress (a girls gotta get her priorities right and a girl like me, needs no excuses for a new frock!) and when your hubby the talented Mr Christian is a 'pretty dress designer' you absolutely know you are in capable hands!



After years of making me dresses, he has obviously got to grips with my shape (cheeky cheeky!) and knows exactly what will suit me, so I take care of the fabric shopping bit and Mr C takes care of the 'making me a new best dress bit! 



I wanted something light and lovely and easy to wear in the sunshine with my jeans and trainers, Mr C did the perfect job don't you think? I love it heaps and heaps.

And blimey, who knew my fave pink frilly socks and shoe bows would look so good with my old skool Nikey?! A really cute way of prettying up your trainers for a party night out ladies (thanks lil miss for the top tip!)



So, what else did I need to organise? Oh yeah... business cards (I've been a 'business woman for over 20 years) and you can guarantee every time I'm going to an event I realise I have 'still' never had any 'proper' ones printed! not that you even need them much these days but I like to exchange something nice with new friends, so I did this instead.. 

I made some, and popped them inside a sweet little stripy goody bag with a few treats hidden inside. All sorted. 



Ok. so handmade business cards taken care of, I was almost ready to go except for the small matter that was making my heart ache. I was going on my little adventure alone. No Mr C to hold my hand, uh uh. Just little old me, all on my todd. Now this may sound totally crazy to you but for me it was such a huge big deal I almost didn't go at all. 

Me and Mr C have been together since we were 17, yep just kids falling in love! Fast forward 25 years later and we have never had a day apart (well if I'm totally honest here, we've had 5 days apart in total, including the night before our wedding!) we work together 24/7, we go out to dinner together, go shopping together, do the laundry together, in fact we do EVERYTHING together... we really are never ever apart. You get the picture right, and see why it was such a big deal. 

Believe me, I'm no shrinking violet, I've done heaps of big stuff on my own, but always with Mr C waiting for me around the corner. Without him close by I feel almost incomplete.

This time I was going to board a train, head to London, I was going to be staying overnight, leaving my gorgeous man behind. I know, I know, its only 2 hours away, but this didn't stop the tears from falling and my heart from aching. I may as well have been going a million miles away! The strangeness felt the same.

But this was an event that I'd been looking forward to for weeks and I was also meeting up with some lovely friends and bloggers, old and new for a scrummy dinner! And after all, its not every day a girl gets invited to one of the biggest book launch parties of the year, so I was determined to make it happen and to have lots of fun. Work, the shop, Mr C and the kids would all be waiting for me when I got back. 



See those sweet neon pom poms on my bag?... who do you think made those?.. Yup, not only did my little angel face make me a new frock he also made these cute little pom poms and attached them to my bag so that if I was feeling nervous and missing him too much I could give them a little squeeze and that would keep me smiling. His little plan worked a treat :) I know it sounds soppy but it's just too cute not to share! 

Right. So where were we... I got the train to London (I haven't been on a train for a million years) I got on the tube.. twice (I do light and bright, not dark and dank) my friend Emily made me do that bit! I also got on a bus (that hasn't happened in over 15 years, I really 'really' don't do public transport) I like to drive to London in the comfort of my own car that smells all lovely and clean, with Mr C by my side eating a bag of Haribo's. Thats just how I've always done things.




And I am so glad I did, I had an AMAZING time and met some AMAZING people.

I loved the excitement of planning my trip to London even if it did feel a little unfamiliar in places. Its so good to step outside of your comfort zone sometimes and to push yourself just a little to do some of the things you know you will enjoy if you just let yourself do them. And the missing hubby and the kids bit, well, it was totally worth it too because we had the best cuddles and bacon sandwiches when I got home! 

I've got lots more exciting trips planned to London and I'm sure it will feel a whole lot easier leaving my happy bubble in Birmingham behind each time I do it. 

Part 2 of my colourful adventure coming soon, so pop back to read all about the Bright Bazaar book launch party at West Elm London, it was AWESOME

big love for now

Allison x x x