Make it Sewcial... painted lampshade April 14 2014

Hello lovelies! Its the Easter hols and you're probably having a nice lazy morning in your jim jams eating hot cross buns for breakfast and pottering about with the kiddies! or maybe you're at work dreaming of the bank holiday weekend when you can take it nice easy and have those few extra glasses of wine you so deserve!

Whatever you're up to, you will most definitely be able to find the time for this super quick and speedy make.



I've squeezed this one in this morning before I go fabric shopping (yup, Mr C is making me a new best dress, eeek!) then I've got some baking planned with lil miss and a ton of worky emails to catch up with before I can put my feet up, so I absolutely needed a quick and easy make today!

This up cycled painted lampshade fits the bill perfectly and looks pretty neat in my craft room makeover where I need lots of light *must add 'buy a bulb' to my list of things to do!

So my sweethearts, heres how you can do it too



Step by Steps :

1) materials - you will need a lampshade, you can buy a wire frame ready to go but its much nicer buying an old one for a couple of quid and stripping the old fabric off, and if like me you enjoy up cycling stuff, then this is the way to do it. You will also need some paint of your choice, a paintbrush and some sandpaper 

*top tip - you can use spray paint, but you will need to have a dry day to do it outdoors

2) strip the tired old fabric from your frame

3) lightly sand your shade (remember, just a few seconds will do, life's too short an all that...) this is just to remove any stray bits of fabric or tape that might be hanging around and it also gives the paint a better surface to stick to

4) paint your shade - I'm using Habitat paint in banana yellow (available from Homebase) depending on the type of paint you use you may even get away with one coat, I have and its worked for me. It can be a little tricky painting all the bits at the same time including the underneath, but if you stand the shade on something (like your tester pot of paint) you can easily get underneath done too. Leave to dry for 20 minutes and thats it all done! Told you it was a quickie!



Heres a selection I painted a few months ago when I did The people shop makeover, the random shapes and colours look great styled together and every customer who comes through the door trys to buy one, no need my lovelies, now you can make your own! A cool alternative to the covered version don't you think?

Happy making until next time and I hope the Easter bunny brings you lots of sweet treats too! 

big love

Allison x x x