Make it Sewcial... up cycled chair April 07 2014

I've been painting and up cycling old chairs in lovely colours for years, you've probably already seen the pretty pastel pink ones that live in my kitchen at home and then theres the lush teal and grey ones that we use in the craft space at the People shop. Painting chairs is nothing new, but like all of the tutorials I share with you, this is 'my' simple and fuss free way of doing it.. 

Swoon... be still my beating heart, this *G O R G E O U S* mint green and neon pink one I've been working on today is for my new craft room makeover.



I am totally and utterly in LOVE with the delicious loveliness... it's just such a perfectly beautiful combination of old and new mixed with pretty pastels and contemporary neons. 

Ok my sweet lovelies, here's how you can do it too : 



1) MATERIALS - you will need an old wooden chair and it really doesn't matter what condition it's in, your pretty paint colours will soon have it looking fabby in no time + some tester pots of paint (have these mixed to get a broader range of colours and I always use satin wood because its not too matt and not too shiny and you don't have to wait hours for it to dry) the tin of neon paint i'm using here is by rust-oleum available from Homebase + you will also need a paintbrush and some sandpaper 

2) Right - some folk may say "its all in the preparation" and spend hours and hours prepping their furniture before painting. Not me. Uh oh, never. Hear me when I say its all in the having fun and enjoying it! Life is far too short for sanding. I literally give anything I'm painting the teeniest tiniest rub over with sandpaper, and seriously, I mean tiny, like 2 minutes over the whole thing. Boom. Job done. 

None of the furniture that I've painted (and I've got a houseful) has ever looked anything other than perfect and I use this method every time.

3) time to start painting your chair, apply the first coat all over, then leave to dry for an hour before you apply your second coat. Two layers of paint should be plenty, unless, the wood on your chair is very dark then you may need three (I always try and find lighter chairs if I can) less time spent applying another coat the better

4) Ok. So to begin with I was going to paint the whole chair neon pink, but it looked a little too much for me, and I wanted to do something a bit different, so halfway through I changed my mind and decided to do this instead



I painted the top mint green and the legs neon pink, cripes I heart my new chair heaps :)

From this £12 charity shop find... 



to this super stylish and contemporary little number in just a couple of hours, how cool is that?!



As you already know, I'm giving my craft room a pretty new makeover at the moment, and over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing my styling ideas, tips and makes with you right here on my blog at Make it Sewcial headquarters, so come back soon sweeties to check out what other lovely stuff I've been up to.

for now, I'm off to put my lovely new chair in its lovely new home, do you think it will make me sew any faster?!...

big love

Allison x x x