Saturday flowers from Mr C... April 05 2014

Every Saturday morning my gorgeous hubby brings me flowers, and we're not just talkin' any old bunch of flowers here, we're talkin three or four... or even five bunches of the most beautiful happy blooms he can find!

My favourite roses, tulips, hyacinths... anemones, daffodils, ranunculus...  (well all flowers are my favourite really, with pink roses sitting right up there at the top of the list!) and then I have the lovely lovely job of displaying them beautifully all over the house! This morning he bought me some delicious smelling Thyme too :) 



I love my Saturday morning ritual so much, it's one of my most favourite times of the whole week, I gather lots of different pots and jugs and teacups and vintage plates and bowls because I think flowers look prettiest styled up using something a little bit different than just a bog standard glass vase. And after all, I couldn't think of a nicer way to while away an hour of my morning than pottering about grouping gorgeous things together. Its my absolute favourite thing to do! 



Sometimes the lovely Mr C brings me fresh bread and donuts too... then I know I must've been a very good girl! 

Every Saturday I like to share my lovely flowers with you guys through my IG and twitter photos but I thought it would be even better to share them here too as a regular weekly post. They are just far too beautiful not to, and then I can look back over them and remember what a very lucky lucky girly I am. Thank you Mr Christian for being so totally wonderful and for making my Saturdays the sweetest, most colourful, beautiful day of the week! 



Big flowery love

Allison x x x x x