Make it business... April 04 2014

I am so excited about this workshop I could literally SCREAM... there, I just did it! I've been planning, prettying and perfecting it for such a long time and finally it is ready! My ultimate biggest and bestest workshop EVER 'Make it business' (aghhhhhhhhh I'm screaming again!)  

If you want to turn your hobby or passion into the best job EVER then pull up a seat! this workshop has been created specially for you. And if you just adore pretty things and fancy an inspirational day that will fill you right up to the top with big smiles then come on in!  



So what exactly is this 'Make it business' I'm screaming about?... Well its all of the gorgeousness you see me sharing on my blog and IG and twitter accounts everyday but I'm gonna be sharing tons more stuff than that my sweet lovelies, yes siree, ultimate means exactly that. I'm gonna be sharing a massive 20 odd years worth of gorgeous business experience with you guys! Stuff like how I did and made it work and how you can do it too! Wooo hooo how amazing and exciting is that?

I know, I know, the first thing you're thinking is 1) she doesn't look anywhere near old enough (I started my own business when I was just seventeen) and 2) blimey, she's a generous kinda gal! And yes my darlings you'd be absolutely right on both accounts!



I don't feel a day over 21, well maybe 30 on a good day ;) and where exactly have those 20 years gone so quickly?... they must be buried under a mountain of fabric somewhere, because I've been far too busy enjoying my little self to notice them whizzing by. Well I didn't enjoy the credit crunch very much (yuck) but thats a whole nother story I'll save for another day! Lets keep on talking about the lovely stuff.



Ok, here are the highlights of what you can look forward to at the 'Make it business'  workshop

  • you get to spend a whole day at the happiest shop in the world People (with me!) and the lovely Mr C will probably be around too
  • make it pretty - we talk product and design
  • make it you - branding and finding your niche
  • make it gorgeous - styling your story
  • make it pay - selling your work
  • make it social - online presence
  • make it happen - follow your dreams 
  • making you hungry?.... a delicious lunch from our local French pattisserie plus afternoon tea and cakes are all provided for you to enjoy on the day 

WOW good stuff huh... see why I'm a little bit excited?.. hope you are too :)



And that my lovelies is how we will be spending our time together, now you're probably keen to know just how much an amazing day like this is gonna cost you?.. well don't worry my pretties, I've given this lots of thought too. You get 20 odd years worth of experience from a girly whose lived and breathed every single stitch of running her own successful business, had her work featured in several magazines, spoken at conferences, been a crafty workshop host for the past 5 years and seriously gives the best hugs! (anyway, enough of me bigging myself up now, you get the idea!) Sold yet?.. hope so. It could be the most valuable business decision you've ever made (and won't cost you much more than the price of a pretty new frock!)




Wether you're thinking of making and selling handmade or your heart is yearning to set up your own shop, or could it be you need to shake your business up a little with some fresh ideas, then book your place today, It will be worth it and more. I've packed so much loveliness into this workshop, I promise that by the end of the day you will be buzzing with inspiration and excitement right through to the core of your lovely little creative souls, all ready to take your lovely business ideas to the next level! 

Tempted now? Put Sunday 22th June in your diaries.. then book your ticket here in the online store.

Look forward to seeing you soon

Allison x x x