We did it... the prettiest workshop April 03 2014

We did it! On Sunday 23rd March me and the lovely Emily Quinton finally got around to running a very pretty workshop together after many years of 'talking' about it over pots of tea and cake! We are both super busy girlies right now, so squeezing a cute little styling and photography workshop into our diaries took lots of planning and heaps of lovely emails to get it just right! Here we are look... wearing our best happy faces!

We both love pretty things and wanted to combine our lovely skills to pull off a very special workshop that would completely inspire our gorgeous guests and also give us the opportunity to spend the whole day together too! We all had such a lovely lovely time!

We started the morning off with tea and coffee, all served up in pretty vintage china cups of course, followed by lots of friendly chit chat, introductions and a spot of crafting... well, it would be impossible to visit the People shop and not take home a little piece of handmade loveliness with you :)

Then Emily shared lots of lovely tips and stuff about photography and I shared lots of lovely tips and stuff about styling! There was so much to talk about before we headed off to the sweetest little French Patisserie down the road, Maison Mayci for a delicious lunch where we had lots of tasty stuff to eat and chatted heaps more! 

In the afternoon it was time for the girls to get stuck in, setting up pictures, finding the best light, discovering new buttons on cameras nobody knew existed and snapping away till they'd captured the perfect shot. While Emily was on hand to help our lovely students point that lens in just the right direction, I positioned the cushions and tweaked the pretty things while sharing some of my most top secret styling tips! A winning combination don't ya think?..

The People shop is pretty much every photographer and stylists dream job, every corner and shelf is stacked high with colourful props and goodies, theres pom poms and bunting hanging from the ceilings, candle holders and flowers, cake stands and pretty plates, gorgeous products, garlands, floral paper and postcards, there really wouldn't be enough hours in a day to snap it all, but our guests certainly gave it a good go! 

I loved watching everyone styling up their own shots and enjoying using the space to soak up all the gorgeousness that is literally everywhere you look. You know how when you were little you loved playing shop?... well add to this some cameras, smart phones, flowers, cupcakes and heaps of very excited happy ladies and you can probably picture the scene, It most definitely was The prettiest workshop in town, and big thanks to my special friend Emily for being there, it really was such a wonderful day, I loved it lots and lots!

And if that ain't enough loveliness for you the super gorgeous Abbie Kilcline owner of 'Frock in box' has written a beautiful blog post that went a little something like this... "My life changing Sunday... go check it out when you've got a mo! It made my heart go giddy with pride and happiness!

Right now, I'm planning my biggest workshop to date (not with Emily this time as she's a busy bunny) but I'm still going to be sharing the same magic and sunshine in the same gorgeous surroundings and much, much... much more, so you can come and play in the People shop too! Interested?.. hop back this way soon for all the lovely details. To say I'm a little bit excited is an understatement, I'M VERY VERY EXCITED INDEED (i'll stop shouting now!) 

big love
Allison x x x