happy mothers day... March 30 2014

Happy Mother's Day lovelies, may your day be filled with love and sunshine, happiness and laughter, cuddles and cake! And maybe some cocktails too ;)



If you've got little ones squeeze them tight... they grow up so quickly, if your mommy isn't with you, heres an extra big hug from me.. and if you can't visit your granny, ring her up for a little chat, it will brighten her day hearing your lovely voice.

If you're waiting for your little bundle of loveliness to come along... one day it will happen lovelies, when the time is just right and everything will be just perfect! And if none of that little lot applies to you, then heres a big squishy hug anyway!

Today I'm wearing my favourite new flowery Summer frock made by my gorgeous hubby Mr C... and my home is filled with beautiful Saturday flowers, also from my lovely Mr C. This guy rocks my world, is the most amazing father to our two gorgeous children and makes me the happy mother that I am today... and every day.

Big love to all the lovely ladies

Allison x x x