Make it Sewcial... paper cut picture March 24 2014

It's Mothers Day on Sunday and I think this pretty little paper cut picture would make the perfect handmade gift.

Its nice and easy to do and you could personalise the lettering with something special that will make the lovely ladies in your life smile!

Mine was a close call between I love you more than flowers or I love you more than bacon! cheeky cheeky! ;) what would you write on yours?... while you're thinking about that, heres how to do it in four simple steps.

1) choose some pretty paper, you could use spots, stripes, pastels or brights, whatever takes your fancy will look lovely. I've used some floral paper because pretty much everything I do involves flowers somewhere! Then you will need a frame, I've used a basic white Ikea jobby for mine but you could try using an old one too

*top tip* hows about finding an old wooden frame from a charity shop, you can get them ten a penny, and you could paint it in a pretty colour to match your paper... now thats a nice idea don't ya think?

2) start cutting your letters, I always cut mine freehand because thats how I like to do it but you could use a stencil or download a template if you find it easier - each one of my letters measures 6cm x 4cm (but you will need to cut the letters to suit the size of your frame - my frame measures 32cm x 42cm) 

3) arrange your letters and start sticking into place using a pritt stick type glue

4) continue until you have completed all the words and insert your gorgeous new piece of art into a nice frame. Done.

How incredibly easy was that?.. I didn't even know what I was going to make today till about lunch time, so I pottered about in my craft room looking at materials until I had this lovely idea. I'm really pleased with the results and I think it will be something I will be making again and again whenever I need a cute and pretty personalised pressie. I like this one a little too much so may have to keep it for me and make another one for my mommy! 

Happy Mothers Day for Sunday lovelies, wishing you all a lovely week of making, happy days and sunshine too!
big love

Allison x x x