Make it Sewcial... flower headband March 17 2014

You know how much I love flowers right?... Well as much as I love dotting them around my home in teapots, vases and pretty pots .. I absolutely LOVE wearing them in my hair too! In fact I almost feel naked without them!

I've got a whole lotta hair and dressing it up with lovely handmade accessories makes me smile :) 



In the past I've made cute hair bows and felt flowers, sweet little clips with cherries on and now this, the ultimate floral headdress perfect for wearing in the Spring sunshine. Its a really lovely fun inexpensive make that you can start and finish in about half an hour. 

So here you go, lets get flowery!



1) you will need a pretty selection of flowers (of the artificial type obvs!) 

2) a plain headband, any colour or width will do, some fabric tape - easily available from most stationary or craft shops and a glue gun if you have one. If not some strong glue is just fine

3) start wrapping your sticky fabric tape around the headband - you could use ribbon or lace and glue here but the ready bought sticky stuff is just sooo much quicker and less faffy

4) continue all the way around until your headband is completely covered and looking pretty. 



5) choose the prettiest flowers that work best together and pin into place to make sure you're happy with the position

6) now using your glue gun (I'm a glue gun newbie by the way and I love it already, its speeds up the drying time of projects like this heaps) stick your flowers onto the band

7) stick the flowers closely together for a more dramatic look or if you prefer something more subtle then ease off the blooms a little and just use one or two pretties instead

8) and there we have it 'ta daa' one gorgeous flower headband



I promise come rain or shine, your flowery headband will make you feel pretty everyday! Its working for me... might never take mine off (the other shoppers at Sainsbury's will be in for a right treat this afternoon!)

And big thanks to my lovely children Milo and Missy for making me smile and laugh lots whilst trying to take a pic of me that hid my double chin and was good enough to share with you lovely lot!

happy making sweethearts, and don't forget to share your lovely makes with me too.

big love

Allison x x x