Make it Sewcial... pennant banner March 10 2014

It would be impossible if you are an Instagram or you are an avid Pinterest user like me not to have noticed the trend for Pennants. I kinda think they have become a nice alternative if you wanna give the bunting a miss but still fancy hanging something 'flag' shaped on the wall and they look pretty neat if you stitch a slogan of your choice on them like i've done here. 



You can choose words or names or whatever makes you happy and stitch them onto your banner. For me it couldn't be anything else but 'Let it be' my mantra of the moment.

I really wanted to make something as a constant reminder of how powerful these three little words are for me right now...  I swear they've made even the toughest days feel possible, but i'll tell you a little more about that in my next blog post, for now lets crack on with the simple step by step tutorial. 



1) You will need some fabric, the size depends on how many words you plan to stitch onto it, mine measures 80cm x 30cm with each letter measuring about 9cm. a bamboo pole, some string or ribbon, interfacing, a couple of drawing pins and some letter templates easily downloadable from the internet or you could draw some freestyle. 

2) trace your letters off onto the fabric

3) iron some medium weight interfacing onto the back of your letters, this makes them a little more sturdy for sewing on

4) cut out your letters 



5) you will need to cut two banner pieces, I have used a soothing happy calm cloud print for the front and a clashing mustard polka dot for the back... you'll see why later.

6) pin your letters into place

7) and using a zig zag stitch sew them onto your banner piece

8) lay front and back fabrics right sides facing and pin together ready for stitching all the way around the edges



9) start stitching around the four sides leaving a 4cm gap either side at the top to create an opening for your bamboo

10) pull the stitched pennant through one of the holes and then take the banner to the ironing board and press the whole thing nice and flat 

11) measure 3.5cm down from the top of the banner and sew a row of stitching all the way along to the other side - this creates a channel for the bamboo pole

12) now push the bamboo through the channel, cut yourself some pretty ribbon or string and attach it using drawing pins to either end of the pole. Voila, all done. Its time to find a special place to hang it on the wall.

Remember earlier I used a contrasting fabric on the back?.. well that was because I wanted to change my banner up a bit, I wanted to make it a bit different to the ones I've seen before, so this is what I did (repeat steps 6 and 7 if you want letters on the back too)




I made it reversible, two for the price of one see! So on those days when the pressure is on to up my ante, get my ass into gear, work like a trouper and stop drifting around letting it all be, (because you can't be a busy business woman without having days like those, in fact most days are like those, thats how this mantra started!) I simply turn my banner over to match my mood and workload. Clever stuff huh?

I hope you enjoy making a positive banner to suit your mantra or mood and if you do, don't forget to share pics with me, I would love to see yours too. 

happy making lovelies 

big love Allison x x x