You look lovely today... March 08 2014

International women's day 8th March 2014



You look lovely today. Your hair is super soft and shiny. Your eyes are bright and sparkly. Your cute little ass is just the perfect size. And your boobies most definitely do not look droopy. You have the sweetest smile. And your laugh is infectious. You even have the cutest ears. You look great in your favourite frock. And no you don't have too many wrinkles. You've got heaps of stuff to wear. And the washing up can wait. You are a brilliant mom. And a super amazing wife. Your best friend couldn't live without you. And you light up a party when you walk into a room. You make the best toast. Your confidence is catching. And you still look pretty even when you have the occasional mood. You can have it all. Your partner really doesn't mind if you talk too much. And your multi tasking deserves a medal. You are beautiful and an inspiration to us all. 

Happy International women's day to all the lovely ladies in the house.

Big love and respect from me x x x