The Make it Sewcial movement... March 05 2014

I guess when I started Make it Sewcial just 16 weeks ago, I had a good idea of what I wanted it to be but certainly didn't realise just how quickly it would happen. The response has been phenomenal and I couldn't be happier seeing this lovely community of creative crafters and makers growing stronger every week.


If you follow me on IG or twitter or enjoy reading my blog you will know that I run a series of workshops, my favourite being The Sewcial club, which is an alternative craft night served up with cocktails and cake! These evenings have been a huge success and I wanted to create a way to share the magic of The Sewcial club with as many people as possible. 

Whatever your ability, whatever your age (look at the cute guy in the pic, thats my crafter of the week Oscar and he's just 3 years old) whatever your craft and wherever you might be, professional, beginner, newbie or otherwise... Make it Sewcial was created for you. Its the perfect place for sharing your handmade projects and letting your creativity shine. 


And boy, share you most certainly have. Every week the diversity of makes is totally amazing, we have knitting and sewing, crochet and beading, felting and embroidery, baking and paper craft.. dressmaking and woodwork, painting and patchwork, the list goes on and on... and on.

Such an inspirational collection of ideas and handmade loveliness, all one thousand four hundred and seventy five of them, yep.. here it is in numbers too, a whopping 1475 makes have been posted in the IG Make it Sewcial gallery in just 4 months!!! Epic stuff eh? 




This sharing and inspiring each other is exactly what its all about, and the best bit is 'together' we have managed to brighten up the toughest day of the week. Instead of going to bed on a Sunday night dreading Monday morning and waking up wanting to pull the duvet over your head, that feeling has now been replaced with excitement about getting up and getting your craft on instead! How cool is that?... Its taken me all these years to discover a way of making Mondays happy! 

I've had sooo many gorgeous emails and comments from crafters and makers who put Mondays right up there as their best day of the week, it seems where it once felt impossible to dedicate 'time out' to indulge in a spot of crafting, Make it Sewcial is encouraging you guys to squeeze it into your busy schedules even if it means you're crocheting up a coaster in your lunch break! This makes me smile, lots :) and melts my heart.



We've been talking lots too, about all sorts of stuff, supplies, fears, fabrics, space, time and what it is about handmade that makes your heart sing. These conversations connect us even more, they bring like minded creative people together who may not have found one another and its a place to join in and belong or if you're crafting alone and want some company and support, suddenly you have a whole heap of new friends! I know for sure my Monday nights have never been so 'Sewcial' especially before I started spending the whole entire evening chatting to you lovely lot! 



Its hard for me to remember what I used to do on a Monday, I certainly don't work at The People shop on a Monday anymore and I don't go food shopping on a Monday or do the laundry like I used too.. Mr C takes care of all of that or if I'm working on a tutorial where I need an extra set of hands he helps me to take care of that too (told you he was an absolute angel!)

I'm just the girl who looks good in an apron who can have a bit of a strop if my Mondays project and blog post isn't quite going to plan, the lighting may not be right, or I might be sitting watching terracotta pots dry, nipping out to get flowers, photographing each bit as I do it and writing step by step instructions all at the same time!

Phew Mondays are a little bit busy! Its a full days work 'making' Make it Sewcial happen ... why do I do it?... well, because I'm dedicated to the cause. I love handmade, I love my styling work, I love sharing my ideas and inspiration and I love love love giving you guys the confidence to be super creative too! Every week I like to make sure my tutorials are as easy as possible so that anyone can have a go.

Make it Sewcial is so much more than just a community of crafters making cute things. Its a movement of creative people making stuff happen big and small. Use it as a a place to shine a spotlight on your creative business or a forum for finding out the easiest way of inserting a zip!... or just because you like gorgeous things! Whatever you do thats handmade, share it with us, you'd be crazy not to get involved.

I'll leave you with a few of my favourite C words...  CREATIVITY - CRAFT - CONFIDENCE - CONNECTIONS - COLLABORATIONS oh and CUTE, thats a nice C word too!  

big love for now folks, looking forward to Monday already!

Allison x x x