Make it Sewcial... painted pots of Spring March 03 2014

March is the official start of Spring... although it doesn't quite feel like it yet with all the rainy days we've been having, but whatever the weather is doing outside, these little pastel pots of loveliness will definitely be bringing the sunshine indoors! 



Fill them up with daffs and hyacinths... tulips, snowdrops, ranunculus and seedlings, then group them together to create a lovely happy flowery display to make you smile! 

here are the simple step by steps : 



1) you will need some plain teracotta pots of various sizes, or if you have some lying around in the garden that could use a sprucing up nows the time to do it

2) some coloured paints, tester pots are the perfect size and you've probably already got a few of those lurking under the kitchen sink 

3) a selection of different size paint brushes

4) and thats just about everything you need to start painting your pots a simple base colour just like these ones (two coats is better if you have the time) or if like me you don't have hours to spare, then just whack one quick coat on and open all the windows to dry them super quickly!



6) thats me painting some pretty mint green triangles onto my pink pot, you can do whatever pattern takes your fancy

7) here, I've glammed up some plain white stickers with some gold spray paint 

8) and then I've stuck them polka dot style onto my pot, don't they look pretty?..

9) three finished pots painted in contrasting colours 

And thats it, you are ready to start potting until your hearts content!

Do this to as many pots as you have time for, you could even have a cheeky break whilst the paints drying and do what I did... go flower shopping! well you need some pretty blooms to finish the job properly!



I hope you enjoy this little project my lovelies, I certainly did and think the end result looks pretty fabby! It will certainly keep you going until the sunshine makes a 'proper' appearance and we can spend some lovely time pottering in the garden :)

Happy making

Big love, Allison x x x