February... you were flipping fantastic! March 01 2014

February is one of my favourite months.

It definetly feels like you've done all the hard work of getting through the cold dreary grey month of January, the days are suddenly brighter and theres a few random blue skies and fluffy clouds.

The birds are happy chirping away in the mornings and the air is crisp and fresh, a sign that Spring is 'finally' on its way. Yay!



February is the month we celebrate the loves in our lives... I know Valentines day can feel a little lonely for some but I reckon we should just use it as an extra day to show people we care... family and friends and the people close to us. Its a good enough reason to share the love around a bit, who said we have to save it all for our partners?..



February is also the month I celebrated my birthday, yay double yay! :) and I felt totally blessed with the lovely gifts, treats and flowers I received from my beautiful family and friends. I am a very lucky girl whose counting her blessings every single day. A girl who finally went to the hairdressers and got her hair did!



This February my little baby boy turned 16!!! Eeeek craaaazy! Yep, I shed a whole lot of tears and hugged him a little tighter! Milo is just gorgeous and if I've achieved anything in my life, I feel very happy and proud that I've helped raise a very beautiful person. Uh oh... I'll leave it there before the tears start flowing again!



Two weeks ago in February we hit over 1000 posts in the Make it Sewcial gallery, how awesome is that?... I'm so blown away by this amazing little community of crafters I'm going to write a special blog post about it very soon. 



There really has been so many birthday celebrations happening around here, that lil girl baker of mine has been busier than ever... cupcakes, carrot cakes, scones and Jamaican ginger cake, all in my tummy, yum yum yummy!




And any month with a half term holiday bang in the middle of it is always good... spending a few of those days in Brighton is even better.



Spending a few of those days in Brighton and finding a beautiful pair of handcrafted moccasin boots in my size is totally awesome! I love my new boots soooo much, they must have just been sitting there waiting for me!



Thank you February for being so utterly fabulous, I have completely loved you and I can't wait to see what loveliness March brings too.

big love folks

Allison x x x