Make it Sewcial... happy jars! February 24 2014

I've been totally spoilt over the past two weeks and have been counting my blessings a million times and back again because I feel so lucky to be surrounded by my beautiful little family and friends who show me so much love and happiness every single day.

l feel unbelievably happy and grateful for everything and my days have been so full to the top of loveliness I wanted to make something as a reminder of how special this time has been. I couldn't think of anything more perfect than a jar full of happy memories!




There has been Valentines gifts and birthday treats, presents and parties and a little trip to Brighton... I've eaten donuts on the beach and scoffed fish and chips on the pier, I had birthday pennies to spend so I bought some gorgeous handcrafted moccasin boots and a new coat from Toast... lil miss baked me the most delicious cakes ever and my lovely boy turned 16 eeek! So much gorgeousness!

And as for mr C... well, he is an absolute angel face, he has filled the house up with such beautiful flowers... tulips, roses, daffs and hyacinths, he bought me pretty new underwear that fits properly (no more droopy draws!) and cooked me buttermilk pancakes and bacon three whole days in a row! All these lovely things are going straight in the happy jar!

so here you go, simple step by steps for you to make one too :) 


1) all you need is a jar, any kilner, mason or glass container will do and some paper and pens for your happy memories. Oh and ribbon and some pretty bits and bobs to decorate your jar how you choose

2) this one is for lil miss :) I've painted the lid her favourite shade of pink and added a cute little neon heart sticker

3) I've used some pretty paper and simple letter stickers to decorate my 'counting my blessings' jar

4) and to make lil miss's extra special (its her birthday in a few days... yep, the cake eating and partying ain't over yet!) I've printed some sweet tags to tie on with string



5) Ive used some sticky back plastic (any excuse!) to cover the lid of my mason jar and obvs happy jars need to look super nice to take care of your happy notes!

6) a cute pic of two completed jars sitting pretty

7) the final jar is the 'family' jar (the biggest of the three) where we can all post litte notes of loveliness to remind us of the best days we have together (not the ones where its all a bit crazy and noisy in the mornings!) 

8) the first pile of notes good to go



And thats it, probably the easiest thing you could ever make! I'm planning to keep filling mine up for a whole year and whenever we have those days that aren't the best or the brightest, or its a little grey and rainy outside or I'm being grumpy because I feel fat or the banks charged me heaps for going overdrawn I'm gonna delve into my little jar of happiness and smile lots!

I reckon EVERYONE needs a happy jar as a constant reminder of all the lovely times we never want to forget! Or how about giving a happy jar to someone just because?... happy making folks

big love

Allison x x x