Make it Sewcial... sweetheart Valentines apron February 10 2014

We had so much fun making aprons at The Sewcial club on Friday night, it was the obvious choice for this weeks Make it Sewcial tutorial... and as Valentines day is fast approaching I wanted to spoil you with a loved up treat that you could make as a sweet gift to yourself for always being so super gorgeous and lovely!

So here you go Happy Valentines from me to you :) x 


Step by steps : 

1) choose some pretty fabrics, florals and spots always look cute together - cut 1 apron piece that measures 75cm width x 55cm length (approx 1/2 meter of fabric) using the full width of the fabric cut two strips for the binding waste band 14cm deep and then cut a sweetheart pocket measuring approx 20cm wide x 15cm length


2) fold your apron piece in half and mark the centre point by snipping it gently with your scissors (just the tiniest snip will do)


3) fold your fabric in quarters and snip again - these are just little markers or notches so that we know where to stitch the little tucks that will give your pinny some shape. Pin 2cm either side of your snip/notch


4) bring the two pinned points together ready to stitch into place



5) stitch between the pins and repeat the other side - your tucks are complete


6) roll the edges of your apron in about 1cm and stitch around the three long sides - this will give your apron a nice neat finish 


7) put your two long waistband strips (right sides facing) and stitch together - this will give you a nice long waistband piece to tie in a beautiful big bow


8) now you need to press your waistband strip to create a binding - do this by ironing the fabric in half lengthways - then iron the raw edges inwards towards the centre crease



9) with the binding strip ironed in place put right sides together and stitch down the short edge

10) this will give your waistband a nice neat finish 

11) time to make the pocket - with right sides of the fabric together, stitch around your heart leaving a small opening so that you can turn your pocket through

12) iron your heart and position it over your tuck, stitch in place leaving an opening at the top to create your pocket - pin your binding waistband starting at the centre point and working outwards either side - this will ensure your waistband is in just the right place, stitch all the way along from one end of the binding to the other, sewing through all the layers at the same time. Job done!


One happy Valentines apron to you, best served with tea and cute cupcakes (courtesy of my gorgeous lil girl baker!) I've added a pink ric rac trim to mine just to finish it off, but you can pretty up your apron however you choose with lovely ribbons and buttons and lace. This tutorial takes a teeny weeny bit more time to complete than my previous makes but on this occasion theres no rush... pop the kettle on, relax and enjoy making something special just for you... you're absolutely worth it! 

Happy making

big love

Allison x x x