Selina Lake came to visit... eeek! February 06 2014

See these gorgeous books?... well they just happen to be three of my most favourite home interior books ever! by my favourite stylist the gorgeous and super lovely Selina Lake

Selina is a freelance lifestyle and interior stylist who lives in London and works for countless magazines as well as being the author of four top selling books. I totally adore her work.



Yep, Bazaar style, Homespun style and Pretty Pastel style, capture everything I LOVE about interiors and home styling beautifully... perfect pages of happy home ideas, homespun handmade loveliness and exciting colours pop from every single gorgeous page, mix this up with a collection of vintage furniture, modern pieces, craft and customisation and you have three of the most exciting, inspiring interior books ever.

If you haven't got them already then put them straight at the top of your wish list, I promise you won't be disappointed and I'm sure you will love reading them again and again just as much as I do! You've probably already noticed theres one book missing ... Romantic style, but I do have a birthday coming up next week and i'm hoping a certain Mr C has taken the hint and will be completing the collection for me!




And look, this is me and Selina! Yes lovelies, Selina came to visit The People shop at the weekend... wooo hooo, how totally amazing is that?! I was pretty blown away, we've been talking about meeting up for quite sometime and on Saturday it finally happened HOOORAYYY! 

We talked about everything gorgeous and obviously our love of pretty things and homes and how much we loved colour and couldn't live without it... we talked about crafting and workshops and all sorts of lovely things, it was ACE! 

And the best bit was Selina absolutely loved our little shop 'heaps and heaps and heaps' I'm so chuffed and happy I've been floating on cloud 9 ever since! Its not every day a girl meets her favourite stylist! In fact we were both so excited about our love of all things gorgeous, I think we maybe meeting up again sometime soon.... Eeeek, exciting, watch this space folks!

Until then, you can look forward to Selina's new book 'Outdoor Styling' coming out in March...which as the name suggests is full of lovely sweet Spring/Summer styling tips and ideas, I cannot wait for this one, roll on sunshine!

Thanks so so much Selina for coming to visit, loving what we do and for sharing The People shop love :) xx

Big love, see you again soon

Allison x x x