Make it Sewcial... embroidery hoops February 03 2014

For this weeks make it Sewcial I'm sharing a little styling idea as an alternative to a straight forward make, you can get the sewing machine out if you fancy or do a spot of hand stitching if you prefer... the possibilities for this project are endless so make your embroidery hoop as simple or as sophisticated as you like.

I love making these because they're nice and quick and i'm guessing by now you know that i'm not a massive fan of projects that take hours and hours to finish. Life's just too short for all that stopping and starting and if like me you never have enough hours in the day to squeeze in all your chores, you'll love this too.

I reckon depending on which option you choose to make, you could be hanging your lovely hoop on the wall in oooh... just under half an hour, not bad for something that looks so pretty! 



Ok lovelies, here we go : step by step

1) Materials - you will need a wooden embroidery hoop (any size is fine) and some pretty fabrics. I love collecting bits of old vintage linen, lace and pieces of hand embroidered cloth from charity shops because A) all the hard work is already done for you and B) they look beautiful stacked together on the fabric shelf in my craft room!

2) pop the hoop over your fabric, tighten the cute little screws at the top and pull the fabric gently so its all lovely and smooth

3) turn the hoop over and trim off any excess fabric leaving yourself a good centimetre so that you can neaten the back up for a nice tidy finish

4) spread some glue all the way around the inside rim of the wooden hoop and stick the raw edges in place. And that is literally it.. hey presto, one hassle free embroidered hoop ready to hang on the wall.

Some people may say its cheating... ha haa, but I like to think its a really gorgeous way of displaying somebody else's handiwork whilst doing a good deed and saving it from the landfill... see, I've got this thing all worked out!

Here you go, two for the price of one this week! Another idea for you to try


5) same simple method but just adding some lovely lace trim, bought from my favourite charity shop Sue Ryder, I always always find the best treasure in there!
6) you can even cut up old pieces of fabric and use the flowers for decoration, the more interesting pieces you add this time the better, because then you will end up with a more authentic vintage style looking hoop.

7) machine or hand stitch your lacy trim in place


8) I've added some pretty pearly buttons too... don't tell anyone but I didn't even stitch these on, fabric glue works a treat every time!
And there we have it, another one finished to add to the collection.

And theres more...


These are examples I made some time ago, from top left : I used the corner of an old embroidered tablecloth and hand stitched the word love on to it, the pretty flowery pink fabric one is as easy as they come but still looks nice grouped together with the others, then theres another ditsy floral version, trimmed with lace, a bow and some buttons and finally, one of my favourites, this was an old handkerchief (not used obvs!) that I stitched some numbers on to... told ya the possibilities went on forever!

I hope you'll agree that that they look rather gorgeous grouped together in my bedroom, and that you enjoy trying out this really simple styling project in your homes too.


Happy making!

Allison x x x