Freestyle creative living... part 2 May 26 2016

Hey lovelies! I'm back with part 2 of freestyle creative living...

In my last post I back tracked a little to share the reasons behind my break from Make it Sewcial, you can read all about that here and this time I want to share the thinking, philosophy and ethos behind my new hashtag.



So what is this freestyle creative living I'm so excited about?... Well it's pretty simple really, it's about giving yourself the freedom to create the life you love your way. And that's it, big love for now, wishing you all the best, Allison. kiss kiss kiss. Ha ha, just kidding! although as this thing is about freestylin' it is very tempting for me to sign off here to let you make of it what you will. But I won't do that because I've got heaps to say yet! 

As you already know I'm completely passionate about making life beautiful, visually and emotionally and I'm hell bent on following my dreams to create a life I love, one that makes me feel good and happy everyday and the way I do this and arrive at 'my happy place' is by following my heart, listening to my soul and living creatively MY WAY.

I've never payed much attention to the rules and pressure that society throws at us everyday to do things a certain way and I've never lived my life to suit anybody else but myself and my lovely family. We are all unique and find our happiness in many different ways, so why should we try and conform to fit a one size fits all template?... It's crazy, it just doesn't exist. They tried to squash me into a box when I was a kid at school and I rebelled and was really naughty. I like to think I was spirited :) 



Constantly we are told how to style our homes, from the colours to paint our walls to the cups we should be drinking from, or what we should be wearing next (I have totally rocked up at every meeting ever wearing happy beads and trainers and it did me no harm at all) and don't even get me started on what we should all be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner, if you want cake for breakfast, eat the goddamn cake and hell yes pile on the donuts too! You only live once, you hear me. Do what makes you frickin' happy, better to leave this world in a pile of sugary cake crumbs than to depart whilst munching on a plate full of sh*ty coloured kale. Yuck. Banish that evil thought right outta your minds. 

And yup .. what about the day job... work just doesn't have be 9 to 5.30 shaped leaving you feeling worn out and desperate for the weekend just because society says that's the norm and it will give you some 'security' who the flying monkeys wants to be 'normal' anyway and security, yes it pays the bills, but will making enough money to pay the bills really bring you true happiness?!... or is it about much more than that?... you decide. Maybe it does, but it's A'ok if it doesn't. 

And education and how to raise our kids. Sheesh. No one in this world knows more about what your kids need than you do. If they want to paint and draw and dance and sing and play music or they love baking and getting clever with a camera (yup, I'm talking about you Milo and Missy) then give them the freedom to do just that. Yes, they need to learn to read and write, of course they do (I'm not dissing all things academic here) they just don't need it rammed down their throats 24/7! Give them the freedom to explore who they are and let's encourage them to be creative with their lives too.

Starting to feel this freestyle creative living vibe yet?... good stuff. If you take a little breather and look at my pretty pictures above, you'll see what I'm talking about. Me, living creatively my way. I do it all the time :)

But obviously these pics are personal to me, let's take a look at yours... here are some beautiful examples shared in the Instagram gallery over the last few days, they represent freestyle living really well.

Growing your own flowers from seed, so you can have a constant supply for filling up pretty jam jars - Katy Living



Designing and making his and hers wedding rings to treasure forever - Amy and Neil



Making space in your home for a beautiful craft room to get creative whenever it takes your fancy - Hanna



Styling the biggest and brightest bunch of flowers using all the happy colours that make you smile - Xanthe



Making a floral wreath with no instruction, just your imagination flowing freely - Emily Quinton



Creating a cute little sewing corner in the tiniest of spaces - Hannah



Fresh rhubarb grown on the allotment, picked after school on the way home - Rebecca 



Crocheting... you can still share your makes over at Make it Sewcial headquarters of course, but it's good to see a snapshot of the process. 



 Showing your freestyle attitude and just being bold and beautifully you - Ruby




So much diversity, I could not love it more, you guys were certainly ready for something new.

I've lived a creative lifestyle forever because it felt like the most natural place to be and I've always applied this philosophy and way of thinking to my work and day to day living and now I'm on a mission to encourage you to try it too. 

I really don't want this to be another Make it Sewcial (obviously you can keep on sharing your makes using that hashtag) but Instagram is already full of enough crafting and making hashtags to keep us all happy forever, we don't need another one!

Freestyle creative living is the next part of the journey, it's about sharing something different, taking the best bits of Make it Sewcial, the creativity, the confidence, the attitude and the inspiration to try something new. And then applying those things to your creative lifestyle as a whole.

It's about getting up each day and doing more of what makes you happy, it's about taking risks, styling your home your way, creating from the heart, chasing your dreams and making them a reality, its about being brave, being true to you and letting your passions run wild, but most importantly of all it's about allowing your creativity to be free. 

It's also about you telling me what it's all about!!! haha. I don't pretend to have all the answers and I don't want to start dictating what you should share. I just know what works for me. 




So keep on freestylin' your creativity folks, share your lifestyle pics and let's inspire each other to live a life we love... and if you want to share your makes then head on over to Make it Sewcial headquarters, I know I said no rules, but let's make this a different place to hang out!

I'm not sure where this new adventure will take us, but I have a feeling it's going to be somewhere special. #freestylecreativeliving 

big love  

Allison x x x