Make it sewcial... pom pom garland January 20 2014

I've been wanting to share this nifty way of making pom poms with you forever! And it seems with every crafter in the world trying to get their hands on a cute little contraption that does it for you, now is the perfect time. 




If you've been following me & mr C on Instagram lately you will know that we've made hundreds of these cute fluffy balls.... especially of the neon variety! We've attached them to hats and scarves, we've hung them from Christmas trees and presents and probably my favourite of all was stringing loads together to make a pretty garland. 

Right. Time to blow your socks off with the simplicity of this make! Ready?... Good stuff :)

Here's how to do it :



step by steps

1) choose some pretty coloured wool, the cheap and cheerful sort will do and each pom pom barely uses anything, so you can make a whole pile of pom pom babies from just 1 ball. this is the clever bit - cut yourself a piece of card (any size you fancy) mine measures 6cm x 6cm and BOOM you've just created your very own pom pom maker without having to spend a bean! Start winding the wool around your piece of card... a'hem I mean pom pom maker!

2) wrap the wool around the card .. ooh about 80 times or so to make a nice compact pom pom - then very gently holding everything in place, slide your wool bundle off the card

3) use a length of wool about 30cm long to tie a knot around the centre of your baby bundle *tie it as tight as possible a couple of times to make sure its secure

4) insert your scissors into the loop and cut, then repeat the other side - give your little pom pom baby a good shake to encourage it to fluff up - do not cut the long piece of wool just yet, you will need it later




5) squash the pom pom together and give the ends a good trim - don't be frightened about cutting too much away, the idea is to keep chopping until the ends are all level to create a nice round ball shape

6) shake your little pom pom again, until its all soft and fluffy [insert smile here] I guarantee you will!

7) you can make as many pom poms as you like, but I made 16 in total for a 1.7metre length garland - put them into colour order and using the 'long piece of wool' start tying them onto your 1.7metre piece, each one about 10 cms apart

8) all done, now to find a place to hang it, mine is draped over my favourite mirror for now, so i can see it every day when i'm curled up on the sofa having a nice cup of peppermint tea!




So there we go, a gorgeous garland of pretty coloured pom poms brightening up your world and absolutely NO pom pom maker in sight!

Happy making folks

big love

Allison x x x