Make it sewcial... pretty notebooks January 13 2014

You know sometimes when life gets in the way of your crafting and making?... Yep today was one of those days! I actually thought I might not actually find the time to make anything at all.

Well its a ruddy good job I had this nifty little idea tucked up my sleeve for a rainy day. These pretty polka dot notebooks are seriously quick and easy to put together and require absolutely no sewing skills what so ever! 




Honestly, each book will take you no longer than 10 or 15 minutes to complete and you'll be writing tomorrows 'to do' list in it before you can say tickety boo! Ready?... 

Ok, here's how to do it : 



step by steps

1) materials : pretty card ~ plain or lined paper ~ ribbon (scissors and your sewing machine)

2) cut 1 piece of card 22cm x 14cm for the cover and 5 sheets of paper for the pages (slightly smaller) 21cm x 13cm should do nicely. Fold each piece in half

*top tip : don't be tempted to add too many pages to your book, as your sewing machine won't be very happy stitching through lots of papery layers in one go! 

3) cut a length of contrasting ribbon 30cm long

4) position the ribbon (about half way down) on the front cover  



5) holding everything firmly in place, start stitching through the ribbon, cover and pages

6) use the biggest stitch on your machine, its easier and doesn't drag the paper quite so much

7) you have just created your first notebook in minutes!.. turn over and feel the lovely pages! ahhhhhh

8) tie yourself a pretty neat bow. Voila. All done!




How good was that?... The perfect handmade crafty project for stationary fans and paper lovers everywhere, ready to pop in your satchel in no time at all!

Happy making folks

big love 

Allison x x x