Make it Sewcial... Mollie Makes colour wheel cushion January 06 2014

Hello and Happy New Year lovelies!

Welcome back to the first Make it Sewcial of 2014. I hope like me you've stuffed yourself silly with turkey and mince pies... enjoyed heaps of trash TV and had lots of lazy little naps on the sofa.

Hasn't it been absolute bliss? The sheer pleasure of staying in your pyjamas for days on end doing whatever takes your fancy is pretty hard to beat.

I'm feeling well and truly blessed to have had such a magical relaxing time with my family and feel totally refreshed and ready to get started on some lovely new projects.



And i couldn't think of a better way to start the New Year than having my step by step 'colour wheel' tutorial and styling work featured in this months Mollie Makes magazine! How totally exciting and utterly fabulous is that?... I really couldn't be any happier.

Issue 35 landed just before Christmas but I decided to save it until now because if ever there's a time when we need some colour in our lives its straight after Christmas when we've taken the tree and tinsel down and packed the fairy lights and baubles away for another year. 

Everywhere looks a little bit dull, its cold and grey outside and our homes could certainly use a little cheering up with a happy splash of colour. This my sweet lovelies is the perfect project to get you going!




So what do you need to make it happen: 

1) first up go grab yourself the latest copy of Mollie Makes magazine issue number 35, its got all the instructions to make this gorgeous cushion plus its bursting with heaps of other amazing projects and eye candy too... it really is one of the best crafting magazines ever!

2) slip back into your jim jams (no one will ever know!) and this isn't a project to do in a hurry, its about easing ourselves back in 'gently' after all!

3) pop the kettle on for a brew and cut yourself a huge slice of cake (bugger the diet, we can think about that tomorrow! or be a rebel and stuff the diet completely... you're gorgeous just the way you are!)

4) relax and peruse the beautiful pages, choose some lovely fabrics and make a pretty pile of these colour wheel cushions until you feel happy and content! I promise you will be pining for the festive decs no more... the joys of Spring will soon be on there way!

I'm really looking forward to building this creative crafty online community even bigger and stronger than its ever been before, together with Make it Sewcial I believe we can make it happen. Keep on stitching, sewing, felting, knitting, beading and sharing... its good for the soul! 

I'm off to turn the sewing machine on for the first time this year!

happy making folks :)

big love

Allison x x x