Make it sewcial... pretty glass jars December 09 2013

My make it sewcial this week is the easy peasiest, simplest thing ever, that requires very little time and effort (something we have very little of at this time of year) and produces really pretty results. 

You may have tried these before but if you haven't, don't ever throw an empty glass jar away again because this is a great recycling project and they make such a lovely stylish display grouped together and filled with tea lights, just perfect for dotting around your home at Christmas. 


They also make a cute gift, filled with sweet treats and chocolates, I plan to give mine to the in-laws so I've used more traditional Christmas colours this week... I'm not so sure they've got the hots for neons quite as much as me!




Oky doky, here we go.

Materials : glass jars • washi tape • lace • ribbon • buttons • glue dots • double sided tape • pretty paper

step by steps 

1) wash glass jars removing any sticky labels and glue - dry thoroughly 

2) stick washi tape around a glass jar

3) stick lace around a glass jar - secure in place with double sided tape or glue dots

4) add buttons to decorate

5) use some ribbon to make pretty bows

6) strips of patterned paper looks lovely too 

All done. From recycling bin to pretty tea light holder in under 5 minutes (or a couple of hours if you get carried away like me!) 

look, they even make a sweet vase for the beautiful roses Mr C bought me at the weekend!




Have a happy week of making folks and have fun joining in Make it sewcial, I know how tricky it can be to find the time for crafting at this time of year, that's why I've made it super simple for you, no excuses!

big love

Allison x x x