Make it sewcial... felt Christmas decorations December 02 2013

Sticking with the felt theme this week and because it's about now (if you haven't already) you'll be thinking about putting the Christmas tree up and dusting off the decorations, I thought it was the perfect time to share this step by step tutorial with you. 

I've been making lots of these over the past few weeks to decorate the tree at The People shop and I've enjoyed making them so much I've just finished this batch for my tree at home.


I've got a real soft spot for felt at the moment, it comes in the best selection of gorgeous 'happy' colours, it's really quick and easy to use ( ideal for these super busy days in December) it doesn't fray and is really inexpensive so if you're a newbie crafter or wanna save some time it's the perfect no fuss material to work with.




Righty oh. Here's how you make them.

Materials : different colour squares of felt • ribbon • stuffing 

step by steps

1) cut some paper templates - mine measure about 8cm for the decorations, then you will also need to cut an assortment of other shapes and sizes too so that you cut lots of different felt shapes ( I've done circles, hearts and trees )

2) cut as many as you can squeeze out of your felt squares using up every last bit, thats the other lovely thing about felt 'no waste' ... don't they all look lovely together?... 

3) not sure what it is about felt but cutting and stacking these gorgeous layers of colour is deliciously rewarding and seems so cosy too!

4) position 3 different felt sizes in place ready for sewing 




5) stitch your circles or shapes into place

6) now cut a piece of ribbon about 15cm long and pull off a little bit of stuffing... not too much 'pinch about an inch' 

* top tip : don't over stuff them otherwise they will be a bugger to get under the machine

7) pop the stuffing in between two layers of felt and sandwich the ribbon in place (it's like filling cute little ravioli parcels, but just don't try and eat these ones!)

8) and the last bit, stitch all the way around the edge securing the ribbon in place and the filling safely inside. Ta da all done!

Couldn't be simpler :) I promise you'll become addicted to making these little fellas! Keep on going until you have enough to cover your tree! Oh, I had another thought while I was whizzing these up this afternoon... how lovely would they look all stitched along a pretty garland?.. might try that one next time!

happy making folks

Allison x x x