my lil girl baker... November 23 2013

Goodness me, my lil girl baker I am so soooo PROUD of her! It really is going to be almost impossible to tell you just quite how much but I'm going to try my best anyway... I warn you, it may get soppy!




It started way back in the Spring time when she baked some delicious cupcakes for one of Mr C's wedding dress consultations. The bride was so impressed that she sent us an email suggesting a certain little lady should think about applying for the Junior Bake off! (She did order a rather beautiful dress too!)

I 'secretly* thought my little girl should apply for the Bake off too, she can be a teeny weeny tiny bit shy sometimes but if there is something that she is confident about and loves more than anything in the world it's her baking!

I was so impressed when she went ahead all by herself and filled in the application form and in true girl baker style she made that look beautiful too!




She spent hours happily answering each and every question so easily and when she talked excitedly about her dreams of growing up and having a cute little cake shop (right next door to the People shop) with pink spotty table cloths, jars filled with sweets, serving pink milk and scrumptious cupcakes she was already my winner...

We got a phone call to say she had an audition in London and we all screamed and danced around the front room, I cried lots of happy tears all over again!

When she came home from school every day and practiced so hard, filling the kitchen with flour and sugar and the smell of melting chocolate .. she melted my heart every time, I loved sitting watching you bake lil Miss.

Since you were just tall enough to stand on a stool with a wooden spoon in your hand we've watched you bake bread and pretzels and cupcakes and brownies and biscuits and shortbread and pastry and pies! And chocolates and flapjacks and lollipops and macaroons... there is nothing you haven't tried clever girl! And when you go into the kitchen and close the door, put on your apron and we hear you mixing and humming away to yourself, we always get excited because we know you are going to make something delicious to eat!




I remember the day in the Summer when lil Miss called me in the supermarket to tell me she had a place in the show... if I remember rightly I had a trolley full of icing sugar ..and yes I screamed 'again' and cried more happy tears too!

My gorgeous little girl had been picked from thousands of applicants to be on one of the biggest TV programmes (I think my heart may have skipped a beat) she was down to the final 40 kids In the whole of Great Britain!!!! Woooooo hoooooo!!!!

I am so massively proud of her, what an amazing achievement at such a young age to have had the opportunity to bake on TV with Mary Berry and James Martin (I couldn't do it, the marquee, the bright lights, the cameras and the tension was quite something else) it certainly was an experience we will never ever forget. Missy was so brave and sweet and lovely I really really couldn't feel any happier and more proud of her, watching it on TV made me feel very lucky that she was mine [insert more happy tears here!]

After taking part in the bake off I think she can do anything she wants to do... she was born to bake that girl! I want her to always follow her heart and dreams and I just cannot wait to see her pretty pink bakery right next door to the People shop ...  I know it's going to happen for sure, she's a very determined little lady, can't imagine where she gets it from!

big big love my beautiful little cupcake and well done for being totally AMAZING

mommy x x x x x