Make it sewcial... rag wreath November 18 2013

This weeks step by step tutorial is a really simple but really pretty rag wreath. I'd never made one of these before until recently and found it very relaxing tying pretty ribbon and fabric rags together so I decided to share it with my girls at Friday nights Sewcial club and they loved it too!





Its a nice traditional craft you can do while you cosy up on the sofa with your hot chocolate and biscuits... and its definitely a pretty alternative to the 'usual' holly and berries number you find on the high street! 


Ok. Here we go...




Materials :

a pretty selection of fabric scraps and ribbons (about 55 strips in total, each strip measuring 15cm in length)

a polystyrene hoop, I used a cute mini one here measuring 17cm, you can use whatever size takes your fancy


Step by steps :

1) cut all of your strips of ribbon and fabric and arrange them in the order you want to use them

2) start tying each strip onto the hoop, knotting each one twice - keep all the knots facing forward, you can shuffle them around a bit later

*top tip* make sure you bunch the strips nice and close together to cover all of the white bits of the hoop and also this will make a fuller wreath when it's finished

3) keep going all the way around until you've covered the whole thing - it may look a bit scraggly to begin but I promise it won't by the time its all done

4) now it's time to give your wreath a little trim! don't get scissor happy here, you don't want to chop all your hard work away!.. you just want to neaten it up a little. Finally, tie a piece of ribbon or string onto your wreath ready for hanging.




And that's it, one beautiful wreath all ready for Christmas! Or if like me you think they're too pretty to save for the big day then hang them up all year round... this one lives in my daughters bedroom.

Hope you have a great week of making folks and don't forget to share your projects on Instagram with the #makeitsewcial hashtag... you never know, you might be the lucky crafter to win all of the lovely goodies to make a rag wreath of your own!

big love 

Allison x x x