Make it sewcial made my Monday... November 13 2013

Monday was the first make it sewcial on Instagram... and WOW it was totally amazing! So many of you lovely people joined in and shared your gorgeous makes.




We had crochet, knitting, patchwork, quilting, sewing, felting, paper craft and even a lovely cake with bunting on top!  See that's the beauty of this project 'anyone' can join in. 

You just can't beat handmade, theres such a diverse mix of creativity out there and sharing it together in one beautiful gallery is *sew* inspiring. Then there's the joy of connecting people together... crafters and makers you may not have noticed before, new conversations, swapping ideas, hints, tips, things to make you smile. I certainly did a whole lotta smiling on Monday! 




The difficult part is choosing a favourite, near on IMPOSSIBLE I tell you! I LOVE them all, each and every single last one for different reasons. I love them because they're colourful and unique, full of character and made with love just like all of you guys! Awwwww... this is where I get seriously soppy now. 

Honestly, if I could send you all a Make it Sewcial goody bag I absolutely would, I can't thank you all enough for joining in... You made my Monday happy and heaps of other Instagrammers too, the feedback has been truly overwhelming and your enthusiasm has melted my heart.


@i_saw_and_liked you are the lucky crafter this week, I love these pretty little hexies so I'll be popping a Sewcial goody bag in the post to you very soon :)  

I reckon the #makeitsewcial is going to grow into something pretty spectacular with the help of you guys... I'm already feeling excited and counting down the days 'til Monday when we can do it all again!

Keep on crafting and making my lovelies ... until next week 

Big love

Allison x x x