Make it sewcial... paper letter garland November 11 2013

So here it is, the first step by step tutorial on my blog *eeek* I am just a teeny weeny bit excited! Hope you are too... because I've got lots of lovely projects planned for us to make together every week. 

Today it's this gorgeous paper letter garland in 4 easy peasy steps.



I love making these, they are just so simple and effective and you really don't need many materials to complete the project, you probably already have everything you need sitting in your craft supplies. I reckon 1- 2 hours max and you'll be choosing which room to hang them in.

Ok. Lets do it...




Materials :

pretty patterned paper or coloured card (any weight will do) • washi tape • nice string • a pair of scissors • a pencil 


Step by steps :

1) lay your pretty paper out in front of you and choose which order you want to use them in 

2) start cutting out your letters - I cut mine freehand but you can trace yours first if you prefer, remember the beauty of handmade is that it really doesn't matter if each letter isn't absolutely perfect, it will just add to the charm of your garland 

*top tip* If you start with squares of paper or card all of the same size then every letter will be the same size too! 

3) continue cutting all your letters until you have completed your 'slogan' you make me smile, I love you more than cupcakes... you get the idea! be creative and have fun!

4) turn your letters over in the correct order and using little bits of washi tape secure a length of nice string to the back. Voila. Bingo. Bobs your uncle. All done. Told you it was easy!


Now you just need to find the right spot in your home, washi tape your garland to the wall, stand back and admire your handy work. I guarantee you'll be smiling.


Here are a couple of examples of letter garlands I've made before. They really do look pretty in any room or space that needs something happy hanging on the wall. Make them for Christmas or wrap them up in some cute packaging and give them as a lovely gift.

Oh and don't forget to share your crafty makes with me using the hashtag #makeitsewcial I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been up to too!

Happy making folks

big love until next time

Allison x x x