the making of Elepig... November 08 2013

A few weeks ago I was sat in my workroom stitching up a batch of bunting and cushions, I could happily do this all day long but decided I wanted to make something a little different.

This often happens if I'm pottering around in my studio or playing around with ideas and it gets my creativity going and breaks things up a bit... and lets face it, I've made a hell of a lot of bunting! (well who hasn't since those pretty triangle flags became the 'thing' that no home could be without!) 




Anyway, why an Elephant sprang to mind, I really don't know but it did and here he is!

I made a spotty one and posted a cute pic of him on Instagram, he got a whole lotta likes and love! I guess I was just testing him out really, I wasn't sure if he looked like an Elephant or a pig! Of course he wasn't 'quite' either of those things. He was Elepig, a little crazy, very different, slightly wonky on the one side, sometimes his trunk is a little too short and he's got one really big ear!  

The beauty of handmade eh' everyone is scrumptiously unique.





And would you take a look at him now, sitting as happy as Larry on The People shop shelves (a'hem, apparently you can buy one in the online store too!) charming all the customers who are finding it ever so slightly difficult not to sneak one in their shopping bags. 


Hooray for Elepig!

big love

Allison x x x