Studio makeover January 28 2015

When I'm making clothes for The People shop, stitching and getting the next dress design on the rails is my absolute priority. It's how I fill my days, every single week and I love it. 

I've been a designer for over 25 years now and working in this same studio space for the past 15 years. It's very rare that I get the opportunity to stop and tidy up the mess after a hard day sewing.

Two days ago, you really couldn't see the floor, I was working on a tiny bit of the table, the bit that wasn't covered in various fabric scraps and empty coffee cups. 

Today is the start of a different story... 

I'm not a man who is keen on change, I'd become strangely attached to my mess and its familiar, just how I like it. 

But my wife had other ideas... 

We've been talking about changing it up for a while and it finally happened on Monday. Tuesday. And today. 

It felt odd at first and I wanted to hold onto my junk forever. But I also know that the charity shop will appreciate the goodies and several rubbish tip runs are cleansing and good for the soul! The only thing I couldn't change was my well worn table top which is covered in 15 years worth of my kids doodles and random notes I've scribbled over time. 

Anyhow, three coats of white paint later, some simple artwork on the walls, a green plant and I feel like I have a studio three times the size, that's full of light and space.

I'm clutter free, organised and (almost) happy to embrace the change (we all need a little nudge sometimes!) I could have stayed here all night to doodle by this cosy lamplight and I'm definitely looking forward to popping the kettle on tomorrow and firing up the sewing machine. 

Now to see if I can keep it tidy.

Mr Christian x 


hello lovely ... January 25 2015

hello folks!

decided it was time to complete the people story and share some of the creative things I get up to every day.

this is my little space to tell you what I do, what I like and what I love... hope you like trees, doodles, snoopy and moomins, music, good food, sharks and sail boats!!

looking forward to sharing all of this random stuff with you and a bit more behind the scenes of my maker lifestyle.


see you soon

Mr Christian :)

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